2016 Hot Air Balloon Festivals near Las Vegas

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At selective times throughout the year and in different parts of the country, thousands of people often gather to experience a breathtaking view of hundreds of hot air balloons floating across the skies. Whether you are in for a ride or just for the view, you will not fall short on the amazing and wonderful experience you will receive. Join in for the fun, food, live entertainment, mass hot air balloon launches and the ever famous "night glow".

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Hot Air Balloon Festivals Las Vegas Nevada

Generally there are a mass hot air balloon launch, which is the ultimate hallmark of these festivals that will grant you the benefits of seeing hundreds of soaring balloons. You best believe contacting Balloon Ride Las Vegas will help you stay in the know if you could be a “passenger” on a soaring to new heights balloon.

2016 Las Vegas Balloon Festival

Anight glow event. This is basically the climaxing point of the balloon festivals, which after a day of bustling activities, you can sit back, relax, and watch an array of multiple lighting, designs, and glow fill the lower ground. The aspect of the event always allows for the balloons to be tethered or held, so as providing a more fantasy-like feeling.

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2016 Balloon Festivals near Las Vegas Nevada
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